K9 Lawn Pals

Skills Used

Heart over hand, displaying empathy


Pencil, representing define


Lightbulb icon, representing ideation


Visual Sketch, representing prototype


Check List Icon, representing icon


K9 Lawn Pals is a client project. The challenge was to create a lively rebranding for a website centered on UI/UX principles and responsive web design.

K9 Lawn Pals Wireframes Showing Structure of a Website

Living in harsh weather conditions in Buffalo/Western New York a pet owner might not always be thrilled about cleaning up after their furry four-legged friend in their yard.

K9 Lawn Pals Design and Responsive Layout

Creating a website that showed a lively personality through its images and copy (but still keeping it professional) was a requirement for this company.

The company received 140 new clients since the website launch in February 2020, 99 of which were permanent and deemed essential during COVID-19.

The success of the K9 Lawn Pals website made the client want to expand their business. The challenge involved keeping the business under their current branding while introducing minor changes while nonetheless maintaining consistency between the K9 Lawn Pals landing page and the Business Scoop page.

K9 Lawn Pals Business Scoop Wireframes Showing Structure of a Website

The Business Scoop website used similar styling as the parent website.

The header got a new colour, and the secondary colouring was altered to ensure contrast.

Colours were chosen to represent the feelings that the client felt most strongly represented the brand. While purple is often used for its association with wealth, in this case it was meant-to provide a sense of playfulness with yellow a sign of happiness. While both of these colours represent something they also have a strong contrast making sure each colour stands out individually.

K9 Lawn Pals Business Scoop Design and Responsive Layout